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Jouvenet is a group of companies that provides a wide range of transport solutions to an extended client base that includes private corporations, universities, municipalities, islands, hotels, airports, and governments.

Jouvenet is the distributor in Southeastern Europe and Cyprus of global technological brands. We deliver autonomous shuttles, air mobility solutions, sea drones, software, and raw materials.

The company was founded in 1999 by Alexander Tsoukalas and it is based in Athens, GREECE.
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We provide solutions in the following areas:

Moving people

Autonomous land transport for the first and last mile.

Air mobility

A revolution in sustainable, high-speed regional air mobility.

Moving products

Technological innovation into the heart of goods transport for airports and industrial sectors.

Sea drones

Autonomous, environmentally powered drones that can assess conditions above and below the surface to enhance safety, reduce risk, and control costs for commercial maritime operations.


Autonomous Driving software and modules: Perception, Decision and Action, including submodules.


Self-healing Materials, FuseFabric™ technology, Shape Memory Technology.



Self-Driving Shuttle
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Self-Driving Shuttle for Passenger Transportation

The self-driving shuttle developed by Navya serves cities and private sites by bringing ever more mobility.

In the city or on a private site, the autonomous shuttle conceived by Navya is an intelligent, innovative, effective and clean mobility solution. Autonom® Shuttle Evo guarantees autonomous transport performance as well as a comfortable trip for the first and last mile, thanks to its gentle navigation.

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Air Mobility

logo lilium

Advancing how the world moves

A revolution in sustainable, high-speed regional air mobility.

100% electric

Zero operating emissions.

6 passengers

+1 pilot and additional hold for luggage.

High performance

Optimized speed, range and payload.

Dual certification

In progress with EASA and FAA.

logo lilium

A network and passenger service built with you in mind

We’re not only developing the Lilium Jet, we’re also designing digital platforms, creating partnerships to build infrastructure, and refining every part of Lilium’s air mobility service.

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Introducing the 7-Seater Lilium Jet

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Give your customers access to anything, anytime

Your customers want the fastest, most convenient delivery possible

Fast delivery isn’t just a perk anymore—it’s the key to omnichannel success. Zipline empowers you to push the envelope of last-mile delivery speed, reliability, and transparency.

Put autonomy to work

Zipline's on-demand, end-to-end delivery service doesn't just integrate seamlessly into your supply chain—it transforms it.
In healthcare, retail, disaster response, and beyond, Zipline is both a service provider and an implementation partner in creating an optimized on-demand delivery system. Zipline facilitates new models of care, extends your reach, and leverages data to continuously improve your on-demand operation.

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Triton is the only autonomous, environmentally powered ocean drone that can assess conditions above and below the surface to enhance safety, reduce risk, and control costs for commercial maritime operations.

Triton can autonomously collect data above and below the water’s surface without tying up expensive surface vessels, thereby providing offshore commercial entities with the ability to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase sustainability. In addition, Triton technology can strengthen and enhance maritime security and coastal surveillance to predict and anticipate criminal activity approaching high value assets.

■ Multiple applications with real-time data observations
■ Cost reduction
■ Plug-and-play sensors
■ Safety

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Triton is the only long-range, environmentally powered autonomous ocean vehicle capable of collecting precise, robust, and repeatable real-time scientific data on and below the surface of the water.

Designed for versatility, endurance, and autonomy, Triton navigates long distances and enables extended station keeping and prolonged monitoring of even the most difficult to reach and harshest ocean environments.

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Capable. Proven. Trusted

Saildrone uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) are the most capable, proven, and trusted platforms available for the collection of high-quality ocean data for a wide variety of applications.

Both the Saildrone Explorer and Saildrone Surveyor combine wind-powered propulsion technology and solar-powered meteorological and oceanographic sensors to perform autonomous long-range data collection missions in the harshest ocean environments.

The maritime security variants of the vehicles also include an advanced acoustic and camera system that, combined with our proprietary onboard machine learning algorithm, fuses sensor data to deliver significantly expanded information and decision advantage 24/7.

Saildrone provides a fully managed service from start to finish: We handle the transport of the USVs to the area of operations, launch and retrieve the USVs, and deliver high-resolution data in real time and raw data post mission.

Navigating an ocean of data, delivering a world of possibilities.

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Self-Healing Materials.

What happens if you’re out on the trail and your backpack gets punctured? It’s not a problem if you’re carrying the Wolverine Pack, a utility pack made with a self-healing textile.

Developed by Slughaus, a San Francisco, Calif.-based design firm, the Wolverine owes its healing capabilities to FuseFabric™ technology. The regenerative fabric is created using a weaving process that blends thicker, more durable threads with lighter, lower-density fibers. It’s finished with a polyurethane coating.

If the pack is punctured or gets a small cut, it can be repaired quickly with friction and heat. That means simply applying pressure by rubbing the damaged area with bare hands until the material melds back together.

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A New Paradigm in Tire Performance

SuperElastic, Airless
& Eco-Friendly

The SMART Tire
What are the benefits?

■ Safe - Eliminates the possibility of puncture failure
■ Strong - Can withstand excessive deformation
■ Robust - Can be configured for high traction on various terrains
■ Simple - Eliminates the need for air
■ Versatile - Tire stiffness can limit energy transferred to vehicle
■ Lightweight - No inner frame needed for the tire/wheel assembly
■ Clean - Environmentally friendly, no major tire waste

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Self-Driving Software

Navya Drive®: Delivering autonomous driving today

The Navya Drive® software has a backbone of 3 modules: Perception, Decision and Action, each composed of submodules. Around this backbone, other satellite modules participate in the operation of the system.

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Enviromental Modeling Software

With data from multiple sources (satellite, airborne, ground measurements and models) exploding in size, new and sophisticated ways are needed to extract relevant and useful information that can help users to make decisions and respond to environmental risks. Our approach involves cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art applications customized to the needs of our clients.

■ AI - Assisted Predictions
■ Disaster Mapping
■ Food - Energy & Water nexus
■ Environmental Classification
■ Seasonal & Climate Forecasts

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